Young Birds First Time Out

Young Birds First Time Out

Racing Pigeons 2013 Young BirdsLast night I finally got brave enough to open the racing pigeon loft and let my 2013 young birds out for the first time.  Ideally this would be done early in the morning which would give the birds all day to trap.  The area I live in has strong winds each morning so I decided to do this a couple of hours before sunset.  This way we wouldn’t be battling the wind.

I dread this day every year.  Are they too strong on the wing?  Are the new ones settled?  Always a nerve racking experience.   I feel that I prepare them well by giving them several opportunities to figure out the trap in a settling cage on top of the loft.

This time only about half of the birds ventured out of the safety of the loft.  I didn’t want to force it on them.  There was a moment when they all spooked for no apparent reason.  Most flew to the ground and some went to the roof.  There were 5 or 6 that made a couple of laps around my house.  And a couple that really got up and flew.

By the time it was getting dark, most of the birds had trapped.   There were about 10 birds still sitting on my house and on the loft.  As of this morning, there were still a few sitting on the loft.

I’ll repeat the whole process again tonight and the next few nights going forward.  Hopefully by some time next week, I’ll have them all up and flying well……  and (cross my fingers) with minimal losses.

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