Results for the Spring Break 300 One Loft Race are in.

Big congratulations to the winning pigeons racing in the 2012 Spring Break 300 pigeon race. Due to weather concerns the original race date of 04/14/2012 was pushed back to today. 300 Miles of tough pigeon racing from McCammon, Idaho to Beaver, Utah. Some of the top pigeon lofts in the country were represented at this race. The race training began back in December with 544 pigeons and culminated with 214 birds making it to today’s final race.

Dan and Randy, the race mangers deserve a big thanks for keeping the participants well informed during the training process, and for being very careful not to train the birds in adverse conditions. There were quite a few days with high solar activity and storms when they wisely decided to keep the birds in the loft. It was a bit disappointing that us who planned to visit the loft for the big race day could not attend due to the rescheduling of the race. This was however, the right decision based on the weather conditions on the race coarse.

It was fun for me to track and follow the 3 birds I sent to the race. The birds I had sent were literally bred from birds I kept in my loft for training pointing dogs. I had no pedigrees, no racing record, and no idea what to expect. I simply wanted to send some birds and see how it went. To my surprise my birds finished very well in a couple of the training tosses. Two of my birds were lost during training tosses, and I had one bird make it to the final race. I was very excited to see if this bird might finish well in the race and possibly win some money.

I wasn’t lucky enough to finish in the money for this race. In fact, it’s the end of the day and my bird didn’t even make it back. Of the 215 birds sent to the race 131 birds had returned by the time it got dark. My bird is still missing in action. It was fun to have my pigeons compete against the likes of Mike Ganus, The Jones Boys, Ken Christopher, Joe Nemelka, Crazy Al, and other well known pigeon racers.

I’ll chalk this year up to a learning experience and expect better results next year. I’ve acquired much better birds and have some spectacular blood in my loft now.  In fact, I bought a bird a few months ago from this year’s winner.  When I spoke with him earlier today, he was still at work and wasn’t sure what the pedigree was on the bird who won.  He thought it may be a full brother to the hen I purchased from him.  I really hope that turns out to be the case!

There were 11 birds on the first drop. Congratulations!

1. SAL-0031– Sal Rodriguez
2. BVR-11583 Richard and Carman Gale
3. ALCA-1181 Matt Weisbrook
4. SAM-263 Sam Haslem
5. Hutch-282 Danny Hutchins
6. DWI-1140 Lawrence Cummins
7. CORP-1889 Bob Brumagin
8. GS-0071 Ken Christiopher
9. JEDDS-3422 Preston McGirr
10. KAUA-1151 Steve Ruiz
11. JEDDS-2657 Morrison/Scott

Congrats to the three Average Speed Winners:

Sam Haslem SAM-263
Rory Smith BVR-11988
Bieche/Stevenson Bieche-11412

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