They took the birds to 80 miles today.  Beautiful weather today in Utah.  It was 56 degrees when I was driving home from work today.  Probably a little warmer than that down in Beaver where they hold the race.  After that last toss I was really excited for today’s toss.

My birds did very poorly today with 42993 clocking 361st,  42991 clocking in 2.5 hours later, and 42992 appears to be missing.  It’s well after dark now and the bird that did so well on the last toss has not clocked.  Really hope it shows up tomorrow.  I felt like that bird was my best shot for this race.  According to the report, they flew 464 birds and there are still 30 out.


pos Race Name Race Date Pigeon Ent Team Arrival Speed Points
361 TRAINER 2012-02-10 42993-AU11-AA
10:59:50.3 1330.876 0
410 TRAINER 2012-02-10 42991-AU11-AA
14:35:27.4 435.4 0


UPDATE 02/12/2011:

My 42992 bird is still in action!  There was a problem with the pad reading the birds.  They had about 25 birds which were not picked up.  No idea where the bird finished in this toss, but glad to know it made it back.  I am not going to track this particular race in my PigeonDB record since there was an issue with the reporting.

Hello Everyone, We had a clocking pad not working in the last training, I fixed the pad and ran the birds back through the pads and picked up about 25 birds that were missed. Sorry for the mistake, it is fixed and won’t happen again… –Thank You Daniel.

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