I had a good surprise from the Spring Break One Loft Race today.  They took the birds out to a new distance of 79 Miles.  For a while it was unclear if they should release the birds due to fog.  Finally it cleared enough to release the birds.

My 42992 Cock came in just 11 seconds behind the top bird.  Gives me some hope for a decent performance in this race.  My other two birds however, did not perform well on today’s toss.

Still a lot of time before the big race.


pos Race Name Race Date Pigeon Ent Team Arrival Speed Points
13 TRAINER 2012-02-05 42992-AU11-AA
11:26:59.9 1098.651 0
224 TRAINER 2012-02-05 42991-AU11-AA
11:30:09.6 1071.964 0
444 TRAINER 2012-02-05 42993-AU11-AA
12:13:47.5 802.84 0

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