Another toss today from 45 miles plus a video update from the Spring Break 300.  This toss had some very fast speeds with the top bird coming in at a blazing 1736 YPM.  Once again my birds were right in the middle.  Nothing to be too excited about.

They are hoping to get them out to 75 miles on the next good day.  That will be an interesting distance.  I expect they may lose a few birds from 75 miles.  And certainly I hope my birds can improve in the numbers.  Make sure and check out the video below!


pos Race Name Race Date Pigeon Ent Team Arrival Speed Points
169 TRAINER 2012-01-29 42991-AU11-AA
09:44:00.4 1618.179 0
206 TRAINER 2012-01-29 42993-AU11-AA
09:44:59.0 1586.56 0
318 TRAINER 2012-01-29 42992-AU11-AA
09:47:17.7 1516.427 0


Check out that fine bird at 6 minutes and 40 seconds into the video!


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