Shasta Classic 150 Mile Race

Shasta Classic 150 Mile Race

Shasta Classic One Loft RaceThe first pigeon race of the 2012 Shasta Classic is complete.  This ended up being a very tough day of pigeon racing.  There were 388 birds listed in the early August Inventory.  310 out of the 388 made it to this first race which is for average speed.  Dan Welch did a great job preparing the birds and there were many training tosses ahead of the race.  One would expect that a 150 Mile Race would be a cake walk for the best pigeons from around the country.  By the end of the day, 189 birds had made it back to the loft.  Day two brought the total of birds returning to 282.

Shasta Classic 150 Mile Race Results

Ashby Loft sent 4 pigeons to the Shasta Classic.  All of them made it through training and to the first race.  I was very please with the results on two of the pigeons.  I think they finished right where they should have to be competitive in the final 300 mile race.

51st  AU 2012 OGN 3936

79th AU 2012 OGN 3939

126th AU 2012 OGN 3935

177th AU 2012 OGN 3933

Race two of the four race series is scheduled for Friday, October 5th.


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