New Racing Pigeon Forum

New Racing Pigeon Forum

racing pigeon forumI have been working the past week on bringing something new and exciting to the Pigeon Racing World.  The Racing Pigeon Forum project was something I had wanted to do for a long time.  I just wasn’t sure I wanted to take it on.  I’ve enjoyed, read, participated on, created, and managed quite a few different online forums.  Prior to racing pigeons I was very involved in training bird dogs and competing in field trials.  Almost everything I know about training bird dogs I either learned through a forum or from someone I met on a forum.

When I decided that I wanted to race pigeons, I searched on the internet and found that there was really only one forum that Racing Pigeon Fanciers in North America frequently participated on.  I learned a lot of valuable information from the members of that forum for several years.  The strange thing about that forum was that it was that the majority of members were engaged in animal rights causes and pigeon rescue cases.  The racing pigeon section of the forum is barely tolerated by the majority of the members.

It all came to a head for me a month ago when the sport of Pigeon Racing was attacked in a media assault by animal rights activists.  The division between the pigeon rescue types and the Racing Pigeon Fanciers became very evident.  I felt like it was time to take action.  I wasn’t really sure I wanted to take on managing another forum, as it can be time consuming.  But it was time for a change and I felt like I could make it happen.

I decided the new forum should be geared specifically toward Racing Pigeon Fanciers in North America.  An online community of people with similar ideals and not those that tend to clash.  Now we can argue the finer points of flying widowhood vs. natural instead of being scrutinized for enjoying the sport of Pigeon Racing.   We welcome all Racing Pigeon Fanciers and encourage anyone, at any level of this sport to join and participate.  Here’s your chance to share, learn, help others, and make new contacts.

I am committed to making this work.  I am excited about our partnership with The Loft Report we have a similar vision and a strong desire to help grow the sport we all enjoy and keep the valued traditions of Pigeon Racing alive and well long in to the future.

Please visit and register.  Most importantly… participate!  A forum is only is as good as what it’s members post there.  Join us, ask questions, share photos of your loft, your birds, your history with the sport.  Together we can make Pigeon Racing Forum the premier web site to share the great sport of Pigeon Racing.

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Yours in sport,

-Rob Ashby

What is Pigeon Racing Forum?

Pigeon Racing Forum ( is an online community for Racing Pigeon Fanciers to connect, share ideas, foster friendships and learn together.  Members can post questions, photos, videos, experiences, and discuss all topics related to Racing Pigeons and Pigeon Racing in an open forum.


At Racing Pigeon Forum, our mission is to provide an online venue for Racing Pigeon Fanciers to share the joy we all find in this sport, to help others, and to foster friendships.

We are committed to:

  • Promoting the sport of Pigeon Racing specifically in North America.  Encouraging open online discussion about the sport.
  • Sharing ideas, techniques, experiences, and helping others become successful Pigeon Racers.
  • Encouraging sportsmanship and comradery by providing a forum for the free exchange of information.

Who we are:

Pigeon Racing Forum was conceived by Rob Ashby. Rob is a life long resident of Utah and flies with the Ogden Racing Pigeon Club.  Rob is relatively new to Pigeon Racing and his years training English Pointers for Field Trial Competitions fostered his love for Racing Pigeons.  Rob has worked on the staff of, and developed several other successful online forums including and  Rob lives in Northern Utah, and enjoys all outdoor activities with his wife and 5 children.  The members of Pigeon Racing Forum come from all over North America and together have vast amounts of racing pigeon knowledge.

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