Last year as I began to assemble my breeders and young bird racing team, I quickly realized that my 6×8 pigeon loft was going to be way too small.  I did a lot of planning and saving money hoping to build a larger loft.  Finding the time and money to do the project has taken much longer than I would have liked.  I have too many birds in my smaller loft and new ones hatching out every week preparing for young bird season.  Finally the new loft is under way!

I found a local shed company with very reasonable prices and decided to have them come build me a shed to use as my new pigeon loft.  I went back and forth trying to decide on the dimension for the loft.  What I could afford, and what would fit in my yard.  I decided to go with a 10×16 loft.  My current thinking is that this loft will be divided into 3 sections.  One for young birds, one for breeders, and one for old birds.  The old bird section may get divided in half in order to separate cocks and hens when needed.

These shed guys don’t mess around.  They showed up with all of the walls pre-built and had my new loft up in about 3 hours.  This loft is mammoth in size and much larger than I imagined it would be.  Looking at things now, due to space issues I’ll end up going with smaller aviaries.  In order to fit the spot in my yard where I placed the loft, I probably should have gone with 8×16 and left more room for aviaries.

The new loft makes the old one look tiny!  It will likely take me all summer to get this loft completely finished how I want it.  But I hope to get it finished enough to house some birds very soon.


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