New Pigeon Loft Construction Part III

New Young Bird Section Racing Pigeons

I put in a lot of hours on the new Racing Pigeon Loft through the past weekend.  Also made many trips to Home Depot for supplies.  Finally the Young Bird Section is complete.  There are a few small changes I may make over time, but for the most part I am very happy with the way it turned out.  I can now begin work on the other two sections.  One will be for widowhood flying and the other will be a breeder section.

Video Tour of New Young Bird Section

New Features Completed

I put up a dividing wall in the loft to separate this section.  I used some plastic poultry netting from Home Depot (good stuff).  I installed a sliding door which leads to the next section over.  I built a bunch of new box perches for this section.  There’s 98 perches in this section which should be plenty of extra perches for the birds.  I finished off my aviary/trap and built a unique trapping system which includes the use of a Belgium Drop Trap.  I also installed a drop ceiling with some panels I built using the same plastic poultry netting on the wall.  You can see photos of some of these details in the photo gallery section.

Next Steps

I may add a little more ventilation and I’ll slowly get the other two sections going.  One will have widowhood boxes and the other will be for breeding.  I’ll use my original loft to separate the cocks when I need to.  Working now on getting this birds flying.  I may put in a slatted wood floor so that their droppings can fall through.  Hopefully in the next two weeks I can get the other two aviaries built and get some paint on this loft.


Thanks, and best of luck to you with your pigeons.



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