I spent some time on the new loft today.  I am still not sure on a lot of details, but I knew that I needed perches on one particular wall.  This is the beginning of what will be my young bird section.

I decided to try V-perches this time and I was able to knock out 25 of them in just a few hours.  The top edge is pretty sharp and I’ll need to round each perch off a little with a sander to make them more comfortable for the birds to use.

I also added some temporary poultry netting over the openings on the front of the loft.  There are 3 openings which will become aviaries and traps for the loft.  I haven’t yet decided exactly how I will build those.

Home Depot sells some really nice plastic poultry netting which has smaller holes in it.  These holes are the perfect size for pigeons.  I will likely use some of this netting on some of my interior walls.

I also moved in a few young birds which needed to be weaned.  My other loft is way to crowded and I have some young birds coming from Florida this week.

For now, there’s a lot of room for flying in this loft.  I imagine it will help make these youngsters strong.

There’s still a whole lot of things to be done.  I hope to get a bit more done next weekend.

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