I finally got a little bit more done on the new pigeon loft over the weekend.  I purchased a few things to finish the interior walls, installed some vents up high near the peak of the roof on both ends, and got one of the traps started.  Hopefully through this week I can get the trap functional so that the birds can start using it.  I really need to get these birds in the air!

The traps will also function as aviaries for the pigeons in each section.  I think I have decided to stick with a Belgium Style Drop Trap as I have done in the other loft.  It works very well.  Once I get the first trap finished, I’ll move on to dividing off the first section of the loft.

The vents in the roof of the loft are simply very cheap covers from Home Depot.  I may like to upgrade those with something a little nicer in the future.

Most of my breeders are down on their third round of eggs at this point.  Hopefully some of those will go to the Spring Break, Red Rock, or another Late Hatch One Loft Race.

Shasta Classic

I sent off a fine crew of 5 young pigeons to the Shasta Classic One Loft Race today.  Ideally I would have liked to have those birds to that race sooner, but this is just the way it worked out.  Cutoff for entries to be in the loft is May 15th.

Ashby Loft Shasta Classic Entries

AU 2012 OGN 3931

AU 2012 OGN 3933

AU 2012 OGN 3935

AU 2012 OGN 3936

AU 2012 OGN 3939

Dan Welch does a fine job with this race and it will be great to follow my birds and see how they do in California.  So far there’s almost 400 birds in the loft and looking over the list there are some super lofts entered in the race.  Interesting to see that Mike Ganus has 18 birds entered between he and his wife.

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