I have been slacking on updates lately.  There’s been 3 tosses at the Spring Break 300 race which I still need to post details on.  Unfortunately my 42992 bird was lost, so now I have a fairly competitive bird left in 42991 and then 42993 likes to come in with the last of the flock. 42991 has a real shot at winning some money. That bird just finished 62nd vs. 420 in the 120 mile trainer. Hopefully as the distance increases, that bird will be better.

I’ve hatched out all of my first round of birds and the second round eggs are in the nests.  There are a few pairs which I haven’t been able to get eggs out of yet.  This could be that they are all yearlings and still young, or it could be a problem that they are still very crowded in the small loft.
I haven’t been able to get anything else done on the new loft yet.  Too many things keep coming up that need any extra money.  I guess the nice thing is that those young birds in the new loft have a ton of space!

Here’s  a video of my young birds in the new loft….   “They’re Stinky”  lol


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