Another week has passed by very quickly.  My Racing Pigeons took a back seat to life again.  I had really good intentions on getting my traps and aviaries built this week.  Instead, I took the kids from Soccer Games, to Dance Practice, to Tee Ball Practice, then to Soccer Games etc….  Also had to deal with a death in the family and attend a funeral for my.  So there’s more excuses but I’ve got to get it done.

I really think I am hurting future results by not having my birds loft flying right now.  Some of these birds are going to be very strong on the wing.  I may soap their wings once I get the loft ready.  Below is a video with some info on Soaping Racing Pigeon Wings from Dr. John Lamberton.


Virkon S For Racing Pigeons

I mentioned last week that I was treating my entire young bird team with Virkon S.  I am back to report that my all the birds look very good.  I didn’t have any obvious health issues in the loft, but I had added quite a few birds from two different lofts last week so I did this as more of a preventative measure.  The Virkon S can be used from time to time to keep your loft healthy.  I gave the birds a 4 day treatment with 1 teaspoon per gallon in the water.  I am now on the second day of following up with Probiotics in the water.

Here’s some more info I found on using Virkon S from a South African Fancier…

Many times when people start treating for PMV, they think the vaccine will cure, vaccines cure nothing. To give a vaccine after a bird has contracted a disease, boosts the illness even more and can be fatal. We as fanciers must remember this before going crazy with medication. If your birds get Salmonella, Newcastle, Paratyphus,etc the first and most ridiculous diagnosis, by most fanciers and Vets is Paramyxo. It is as if it is the only word they know, and not only that, we in South Africa have not got the facilities to test for PMV!!. Yet our clever guys can diagnose it by site. What a poor bunch of specimens we have looking after the health of our pigeons.

If your pigeons are showing signs of these several diseases I have just mentioned, it is nearly certain as I have proved by curing peoples pigeons for them, that what there birds have contracted is nothing more than the Herpes Virus. But in my opinion because it is so easily and cheaply cured no assistance will be forthcoming from the guys who provide all the expensive vaccines and anti-biotics.

Many lofts harbour infected birds, and 75% of pigeons tested have shown to have this viral disease. Still the powers that be concentrate on PMV and not Herpes Virus, I still say it is money that creates this shocking brain washing of the fancier, nothing else. If you live in South Africa, and you have your birds tested for PMV, show me the lab report and signature and I will show you an untrue document unless it was sent overseas to be analysed. If one treats their birds for Herpes Virus you will have a healthy loft within a week. I can provide evidence of many lofts that were treated professionally for weeks for PMV with no improvement whatsoever. They have come to me, and the following week are back in the clock, I am not a clever guy, do not get me wrong, I learn from genuine people not commercialists, it is cheap and easy to keep your birds healthy. I hire a virologist to keep my birds healthy, I have too many birds, to run these lofts any other way,
therefore I have no microscopes any more or other testing equipment. But I learn from people who get paid for results not for how much useless medication they can sell me.

Herpes Virus (PHV) has even been described as an Avian Paramyxovirus type 1. It can look like Newcastle, Canker and Paratyphus all rolled into one. It can effect the digestive tract as well as the nervous system that is why people are too willing to believe they have an incurable disease.

Purchase Virkon S, it kills all 18 viruses known to your pigeons and the price will not make a hole in a school child’s pocket money. Read the dilutions on the packet, and disinfect the entire loft with this solution. Mix one teaspoon = 5-grams on 10 litres or 2-Gallons of drinking water for
three days and your birds will recover, then for three days give them a flora treatment to replace the good germs in the gut tract. It is cheap, it is easy, and IT WORKS, simply because you are using the correct product for the 18 viral diseases known to pigeons. I do not say that other treatments are no good, but I do know I have one of the healthiest lofts in South Africa, housing hundreds of birds at any one time. It is a business and it is run as a business, no margin for mistakes. No unnecessary medication, this all creates unnecessary overheads and immunity problems. I do not say that you must do it my way and I have no intention of offending anyone other than those who earn a living by being less than truthful in order to bleed the pigeon fanciers dry. I learn from the people who keep my lofts and birds squeaky clean and I pass it on to
other fanciers, so that maybe they can use what I consider valuable information in maintaining HEALTHY PIGEONS. I would give 1-Teaspoon of VirkonS on ten Litres one day every two weeks to ensure that my birds remain germ free.

Yours in Sport

Jack Barkel.

Breeding Update:

I have about 8 Young Pigeons almost ready to come out of the breeding loft.  These are the tail end of my second round.  I hope to get these birds to some One Loft Races, I need to get a couple of more birds to the Amazing One Loft Race and then I’d like to ship birds to the Shasta Classic, Spring Break, and Red Rock 330.  Some of the birds have laid eggs to start my 3rd round.  I feel like these 3rd round birds will be a bit late to race well on my Young Bird Team.  I will likely end up selling most of my 3rd Round.  There may be a couple that get sent to one of the Late Hatch races.

New Birds:

Here’s some info on a couple of the birds I purchased from Bill Rixey.  There are some really nice birds down from Sure Bet, Witoger 720, Creator, and other Greats!  Hard part is deciding whether or not to race them, or put them in the breeding loft.  I am leaning towards racing them, because I’d like to get to the point where most of my breeders are proven racers.

Here’s a video of my Young Birds from today, in the loft feeding…

That’s it for this week.  Good Luck to You and Your Pigeons!





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