I wanted to make some individual breeding cages that I can use to pair pigeons, maybe raise a round of youngsters, or put sick birds in quarantine.  For me, this needed to be inexpensive and easy.  I was looking around the internet one day and found that certain ginnea pig, rabbit, and hedge hog fanciers were building cages and “condos” out of storage cubes.

These cube sets can be found and many retailers, such as Target, Walmart, Costco etc…   They are meant to be assembled like the photo to the right.  With a few zip ties and some imagination, the options are limitless.

I found some at Walmart and I spent some time over the weekend making me some cages.  I purchased two cube storage sets for about $14.00 each.  I had plenty of zip ties (cable ties) and some hardware cloth.  Each cage took less than an hour to assemble.  Really easy DIY project.  I’m not 100% sure that I am happy with the size but at 14″x28″, they are bigger than many loft’s nest boxes.

I wanted to be able to keep these in my garage, separate and away from the loft.  My thought is that it gives me better control over picking specific pairs and for quarantining if needed.  I had a few birds that hadn’t paired up yet and two birds that I really would like to pair.  After the first night of use I realized that with the birds picking at seeds and spilling water, I’d need to come up with something more.

I went back to Walmart and found their largest clear (or somewhat clear) colored storage bins.  Stopped at the local auto parts store and grabbed an all natural floor dry product similar to kitty litter.  I’ll be able to keep things somewhat clean and have very little upkeep.  I’m still searching for the perfect waterers and feeders.  For now I’ve used a hole saw to cut a hole in a two litter bottle for water.  I grabbed some disposable food storage containers for the feed and zip tied those to the side of each cage.

I have less than $20.00 in each cage.  I think that since they are somewhat restrictive in size, I’ll rotate the birds back into the loft after a round of babies.  Or I may just wait for them to lay eggs and then put them under pumpers.


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