Double Trouble

Double Trouble


Here’s a pair of youngsters I’m quite excited about for this year’s young bird team.  This is a fine example of the quality of racing pigeons I am breeding this year at Ashby Loft.  I can’t wait race these two in the coming young bird season.  I thought it might be fun to do a write up on these nest mates periodically and follow them through this season.

Both of these youngsters are handling spectacular, lively, active, and have a little bit of attitude.  The band numbers are AU 2013 OGN 4538 and 4539.  Both are blue checks with 4539 being slightly darker.  The feathers under their wings are almost in and soon I will move them to the floor of the loft.  Then they will stay in the breeding loft for a week before moving them into the young bird loft.

I wish I had planned ahead or thought of this earlier.  I would have started this on a different set of youngsters from the first round instead of third round babies.  Also, I’ve probably jinxed them now and they will get lost on the first training toss.  In any case… I’ll try to have some fun and keep you updated on these two birds.  My good friend Matt May at Southtown Racers has already staked his claim on 4538, but I told him he had to let me race the bird first.

Kid BourgesThe sire of these nest mates is “Kid Bourges”, a super dark check cock I purchased from Sal’s loft late last summer.  He handles like a million bucks and has a pearl eye.  He is a grandson of the great “Den Bourges” who was a full brother of “De Kannibaal” and an outstanding racer for Van Dyck.  He is also grandson to “Kid Kannibaal” and “Kenny’s Girl” both direct children of  “De Kannibaal”.  I expect nothing but the fantastic pigeons from this cock.

I haven’t yet taken the time to get a photo of the dam, but she is “Double Stack”.  A nice 2012 blue check hen that I purchased last fall from Ray Schoors.  She is a double granddaughter of “Stack of Dollars” from a brother/sister mating.  Highly inbred to “Stack of Dollars” with a little bit of “Witoger 720″ in her pedigree.  Just a really nice medium sized hen.

That’s all I have for now.  Stay tuned for part II of “Double Trouble”.  Please check out and “like” my Facebook Page!




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