Ashby Loft Update

Ashby Loft Update

There has been a lot going on in the past couple of weeks.  My young birds are flying well and grouping well.  The new racing pigeon forum is off to a good start.  My last group of late hatch birds are almost ready to be weaned.  It’s time to get the next to sections of my loft ready to split up my hens and cocks.  I should have a few of these late hatch birds for sale soon.  Please contact me if you are interested.

New Pedigree Design for Racing PigeonsA big thanks to Gonzalo from for helping me get a brand new custom pedigree design for my loft.  We worked together on it and it turned out really nice.  Make sure and check out his website.  There is no better pigeon record keeping option available PERIOD.  In addition to keeping track of pedigrees, you can track race results, and breeding seasons.  He is continually working to improve it and is always available if you have questions.

The 9th and 10th flights are coming back in already on the 15 or so that I pulled.  It will be interesting to see how these birds do.  I had my birds on the light system this year, but it all kind of backfired because I didn’t get the young bird section of my loft completed in time.  I wasn’t able to fly the birds early on as I had hoped.  Ideally these birds should have been trained to about 50 miles before pulling flights.  Then left alone in the loft for 30 days after the flights are pulled to moult.  Instead I had to get creative and chose to only pull flights on part of the group, while continuing to loft fly the birds.  There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat…  I hope this works out.

I shot a few different videos this week with the camera on my cell phone.  It actually takes very nice video.  This first one is of my young birds trapping.

After I posted that video to my YouTube channel, I was asked to get some video of the birds trapping from and outside view.  I really like these Belgium Style Drop Traps.  The birds learn to trap fast and nobody can escape!

And finally here’s an update and a video loft flying the pigeons on Thursday evening.  They are really flying great.  I expect that they should begin routing soon.  I’ve been flying them both in the AM and PM.  They are trapping well.  No complaints.  I think they are going to to well for me this year.

I picked up a super Hen this week bred by Brad Hoggan (Hoggan Loft).  She is a Koopman down from Kleine Dirk lines.  I am really pleased with how she looks and soon I will be adding a cock with similar breeding to be her mate.  I am going to get some really nice Koopman and Kannibaal stuff together for next year.

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