Ashby Loft Reduction Sale

Ashby Loft Reduction Sale

Racing Pigeon AuctionsThis is actually kind of a forced reduction.  I ended up owing more on taxes this year than we had planned, so I’ve decided to sell off some birds.  Every single one of these birds is directly off my race team or out of the breeder loft.  Birds down from Sure Bet, Witoger 720, Smittie, Clausing 410 and more!

I had intended to keep using these pigeons at Ashby Loft.  There are some very nice racing pigeons for sale for super prices.  I am trying a new auction site (American Pigeon Auctions) with very low fees.  Please check out my auctions at the following link.  ASHBY LOFT CURRENT AUCTIONS

Please contact me with any offers/questions or try your luck on the auction site.

Thank You,

Rob Ashby

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