Amazing One Loft Race 150 Miles

Amazing One Loft Race 150 Miles

Amazing One Loft Pigeon RaceI sent 7 Pigeons to a new One Loft Race this year.  The Amazing One Loft Race is managed by Dan Hash of Kaysville, UT.  He is new to racing with the Ogden Racing Pigeon Club, but he has raised pigeons for many years.  He purchased a spectacular racing loft from Scott Saunders.  2012 is the first year for this race and Dan has had a lot of issues on this race.  I believe he has learned a lot through this process and this race should improve next year.

Amazing One Loft Race 150 Mile ResultsThe problems for the race this year have been low participation, lack of updates, and no training results.  They plan to move to using wincompanion next year, which will be very nice and bring this race up to the level of other One Loft Races in the country.

This is a 3 race series from distances of 150, 250, and 300 miles.  There are payouts for the top 10 pigeons in each race.  The results from the 150 Mile race are in.  I was very pleased that 3 of my birds finished in the money.


Ashby Loft Results:

AU 2012 OGN 3943  3rd Place Money Winner!

AU 2012 UTE 122 6th Place Money Winner!

AU 2012 OGN 3905 8th Place Money Winner!

AU 2012 OGN 3940 18th Place

AU 2012 OGN 3937 31st Place

There are still two more races to go.  Looking forward to seeing how these birds do.


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