It’s been a little while since I made an update.  Sorry to anyone who follows this closely.  My 2012 young birds are doing quite well.  All are looking strong and healthy.  If I only had my traps and aviaries built in the new loft, I would have them loft flying already.  My second round birds have been hatching over the last week or so.  I have 6 banded and I’ll band 4 more in the next few days.

My 3 birds in the Spring Break 300 One Loft Race are now down to just 1.  Au 2011 AA 42991 and 42992 were lost.  42993 placed 109th in a tough 150 mile race for average speed in which over 100 birds were lost.  The 200 mile race is coming this weekend.  I don’t hold a lot of hope for this bird to do well, it has been near the back of the results for most of the training.  He could pull off a surprise though.


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